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Cranial Prosthesis

Hair loss could be a major tragedy for anyone. Especially if it's through an unexpected circumstance in someone's life like a congenital disease. For example, Alopecia Aureate, Lupus, high blood pressure, and cancer. These are some of the causes of traumatic hair-loss. Mphd is the most trusted Non-surgical hair replacement system in America. Partnered with the most elite and certified representatives in the industry, we strive to make a precise custom fit with 100% human hair for our clients. Our units are handmade to fit like a glove for each person.

Have you ever felt down and unmotivated because of your traumatic hair loss?  Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is a company established in South West Florida, with a motto of: (Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better). Dedicated to serving our community that is going through traumatic hair loss complications. Going through a hair loss is already stressful enough, Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is dedicated to making the process easier and convenient for you.  Our wigs and hairpieces are handmade with 100% human hair. There is always a time to feel better and have a new look to you. Our mission at Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is to give you the best natural look overall for you to be able to focus on your regular health, work, and daily activities.

Men's Grooming

Our system of men’s grooming will be based upon a tremendous educational program delivering the most up to date techniques in our industry for men. It will be an all-around professional, relaxing, and artic session for each client in our chairs. A man is always on the run with their careers, lifestyle, and family. At Mphd it will be a primary purpose to educate, perform, and create the best look for our guys to face their full schedule lives. With Redken based products and home remedies, we will make sure to give the best experience for the men in our community. Our goal is to bring back the profession in barbering.

Hair Trimming
Hair Cut
Hair Cut

Women Hairstyling

Making women feel amazed about their look is about having clear communication with your client. Understanding their needs, daily lifestyle, and maintenance awareness will be the barrier to client retention. Redken educational rubric will guide you through every step of the way. This program is by far one of the most information and well structured educational system in the market. Mphd will provide an endless color and product line of Redken and Pureology to our client. Pureology is an organic and sulfate free product line that has close to no competition in its purity and results. At Mphd we strive to give our clients the best of the best products in the industry. Our objective is to make a beautiful canvas of artwork with healthy hair on each client using the most effective products available.

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